Established on June 5th, 2018, Ascension was launched by Gamers Trust, Inc. as a project by James Perrin to help bring the Gamers Trust mission into Rocket League. Ascension earned their first appearance on The League Esports, a safe, family friendly environment for amateur and professional gamers alike. They continue to compete in The League Esports and the RLCS/RLRS.

“I started Ascension to fulfill GT’s mission as well as further my Rocket League Career.” -JP

James “JP” Perrin founded Ascension in 2018 with these goals in mind; Continue the Gamers Trust legacy, and make it to the big stage. “To me, Rocket League is more than a game. It’s an escape. It’s a commitment.” JP said when asked about what Rocket League means to him. “I’ve been blessed to have an amazing support group in my family and friends that have supported me and my mission.” JP reminisces on the days he met his soon-to-be teammates “I started playing Rocket League with Zaxfy in late 2019. Immediately I knew his positive outlook and ‘do anything’ attitude was perfect for the team. I then met Lara a couple months later through Discord. His attitude and willingness to be a kind person mixed with his skill level made him a perfect fit for the team.” Being 16 years of age, JP is the youngest member of Ascension.

“It’s a good opportunity to push my eSports career to a new level with people I could call my friends and eventually my family.” -Zaxfy

Zachary “Zaxfy” Ramsdell joined Ascension in December of 2019. His presence was felt immediately, with his constant positive attitude and his determination to win. “My main goal is to bring a smile to a ton of faces and provide entertainment even on the darkest of peoples days.” Zaxfy stated when asked about his goal in life. As a 19 year old, Zach is enlisted in the United States Air Force, stationed in Texas.

“I love how open and friendly the atmosphere is, it really makes you feel welcomed and at home.” -Lara

Zach “Lara” Lara joined Ascension in June 2020 as a main roster player. “My goal in Rocket League is to push past my limits and be the greatest I can be.” Lara said when asked about how he would describe his goal in Rocket League. Lara is the eldest member of Ascension at 26 years old, with two beautiful children.

“The overall attitude of Ascension is what I love about being here.” -Badger

Alex “Badger” Nelson is Ascension’s amazing Manager. Coming from SOL eSports, Badger has a rather extensive resumé when it comes to Rocket League, and eSports in general. Joining Ascension in June of 2019, Badger was recruited by JP to come help coach and manage the team. “I knew I needed someone with experience and wisdom, but I also needed someone who could fit right in with the culture of Ascension. Alex was that person.” JP said, recalling his acquisition conversation with Badger. “I remember calling him and being so excited that he had agreed to join the team. Without a doubt, Badger is family to me and to us now, and he’s what helps Ascension’s wheels turn. Without him, I would never be half the player I am now, and Ascension wouldn’t be as confident as we are.” There’s no doubt that Badger’s presence on the team is felt greatly, even if he’s not a representative on the field.