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About Gamers Trust Incorporated

Gamers Trust Incorporated is a nonprofit organization that promotes leadership and teamwork in virtual gaming environments. Cooperation, kindness and respect are the hallmarks of a <GT> Member. Gamers Trust is more then what you see in any game. We focus on keeping children safe by educating parents and consumers about the games their children and loved ones are playing and by promoting the highest standards of conduct among our members.

Prior to the launch as a nonprofit gaming organization, Gamers Trust began as a testing ground for our ideas and goals eventually helping to design our policy and procedures. We started our organization within the FPS world of Counter-Strike 1.6® but the company is known in other platforms as well like World of Warcraft® The <GT> membership comprises of more then 200 professionals including web designers, directors, producers, programmers, artists, and even video engineers. Each member of <GT> is a true game enthusiast giving the company invaluable insight into creating the absolute best environments for all gamers.

Headquartered in South Florida, Gamers Trust, Inc. was founded in 2008 by Chairman Scott Perrin, President Donald Perrin, and Rex Roper. Our Life-Time Members Dennis Pranouskes, Kenneth Starr, Karen Nozkowski, Andy Mares, Shawn O’Connor, Bill Cullison Jr, Treasurer Jennifer Perrin, Larry Tennant, and Joe Ewell. each had a tremendous role in our incorporation as a nonprofit. Without these courageous people including our long time members <GT> would not have become the success it is today.

To learn more about where <GT> is going, and what we are all about please click on Mission. You can also join <GT> by clicking here and filling out our membership application form. Be sure to check out all of our pages for other helpful information dedicated to you, the gamer.

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